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Kajari melon organic

€3,85 EUR

A Heirloom Indian Melon variety with wonderful flavor

Kajari melon is an old Indian Melon variety that produces round fruits that can reach 1 kg, with skin offering a range of colors between green, orange and copper and green-pink flesh.

Scientific Name: Cucumis melo

Plant Life Cycle: annual

Optimal Germination Temperature: 21°C

Germination time in days: 4-10 days

Indicative Days to maturity: 70 days

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil requirement: well draines, hummus rich and warm

Sowing and cultivation: Sow in pots, at a temperature between 18 and 20°C, 6 weeks before planting. Plant out with the root ball, after the last frosts, in planting holes enriched with compost, spaced 1 m apart in all directions. Sowing in the ground under the same conditions is possible when the soil is well warmed up and the outside temperatures do not fall further below 15°C.