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Malva Verticillata or Chinese Mallow organic

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Also known as the Chinese mallow, Malva verticillata is a species of the mallow. It can grow up to 1.7 m in height. The Malva produces small white flowers and has broad green leaves curled at the edge. The Malva is related to the marshmallow and hibiscus plants and is mainly consumed as a tea for its mucilaginous properties. The leaves and seeds can be eaten raw or cooked. Leaves added to salads add a pleasant, mild flavor and the seeds have a nutty taste. This plant is also said to have beneficial properties. Always consult a health practitioner or a qualified herbalist before using this plant medically. 

Scientific Name: malva Verticillata var. crispa

Plant Life Cycle: annual or short lived perennial

Sowing and cultivation: Sow indoors from March to June, and transplant outside after all danger of frost has passed.