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Tangerine Tomato organic

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A sweet orange Heirloom tomato great for containers

Tangerine tomato is an Heirloom variety, medium to large size, weighing up to 200 g. The fruit is shiny orange colored with a thin smooth skin and a meaty and dense texture with minimal seeds and is therefore commonly The Sweet Tangerine tomato is a medium to large sized heirloom variety, averaging six to eight ounces in weight, with thin smooth skin and a glowing orange color. It is referred to as a beefsteak-type tomato because of its globe shape and dense, meaty texture.. It has a complex tangy yet sweet flavor. The tangerine tomato plant is a regular leaf variety, high-yielding, and is a determinate or "bush" variety, characterized by its short vines and compact growing habit, reaching an average height of four or five feet. The plant will have a heavy fruit set over a relatively short period of time and would form part of the tomato varieties that are ready for harvest early. The Tangerine tomato plant is said to do well in hot and humid temperatures, but is a good choice for cooler and shorter growing seasons as well.

Scientific Name: Solanum lycopersicum

Plant Life Cycle: annual

Optimal Germination Temperature: 24C-28C

Germination time in days: 7-14 days

Indicative Days to maturity: 80-120 days

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil requirement: Well drained and rich

Sowing and cultivation: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Sow 4 mm deep at a 23C soil temperature. Transplant out after last frost. Space 60-90cm apart. Indeterminate.