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Baron Von Solemacher Alpine Strawberry

€2,90 EUR

A red alpine strawberry that is a great addition to the gourmet garden

The Alpine Strawberry "Baron Von Solemacher" is a red alpine strawberry plant producing small red strawberries with a wonderful taste. We have had that variety in our garden for years and it self seed spontaneously. A great addition to the gourmet garden. Very productive variety that will keep producing throughout the season. Fabulous in fruit salads or simply eaten as is. Why not try it in a strawberry cheesecake or simply in a fruit salad, if there are some left of course...Usually they do not make it to the kitchen. We eat them on the spot!

Scientific Name: fragaria vesca

Plant Life Cycle: Hardy perennial

Optimal Germination Temperature: 18C

Germination time in days: 10-30 Days

Sunlight: full sun

Soil requirement: fertile, moist but well-drained soil

Sowing and cultivation: Cold stratification is advised to improve the germination rate of strawberry seeds. Sow in late February onwards in seed trays and lightly cover to hide seed. Keep moist and semi-shady. When plants grow second set of true leaves, thin them or replant them in separate pots. When large enough to plant out, introduce them to the outdoors gradually.