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Open-Pollinated Seeds

Untreated Open-pollinated seeds increase biodiversity and are fully reproducible

Open-pollinated seeds can be reseeded from year to year and the seedlings obtained after reseeding are identical to the mother plant. They are what is called true-to-type seeds.

Ancient, traditional seed varieties, ancestral seeds, heritage seeds, heritage seeds are open-pollinated.

These are cultivars that adapt to our climate and soil and we can continue to improve them by saving only the seeds of individuals whose characteristics we want to keep. We are then naturally selecting plants that will adapt fully to our climate.

By buying an open-pollinated seed, you can slowly, by selecting the seeds the plant is producing year after year, get a plant that is fully adapted to your local environment and therefore increase the choice of varieties in your garden and help biodiversity.

Generally to be considered ancient or heritage, a variety must have been cultivated for at least 60 years or more.

All our seeds are open-pollinated, they are untreated seeds, chemical Free and Non-GMO.


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