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We ship to Ireland, northern Ireland and the EU.


Reproducible Heirloom Seeds

Since all of our seeds are open-pollinated and specific ones are Heirloom or heritage, they are all reproducible and therefore the seeds can be saved for replanting the following year, or transmitted to the next generations. We choose to sell only small quantities of seeds per packet as we want to encourage people to get into seed saving and try as many varieties as possible to see what works best in their garden.

Our Process

We source only small quantities of seeds so we ensure seeds are the freshest can be. We also do not want to store seeds and use energy consuming equipment when a better management of our supply chain and a good crop rotation allows us to be more environmentally friendly. We print our seed packets on order so we do not waste unnecessary energy, paper or valuable storage space. We endeavour to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Our Sourcing

We endeavour to source our seeds both from Ireland and from European local seed conservation communities and Heirloom, rare and forgotten varieties seeds suppliers. We are also sent seeds by fellow gardeners. We are ourselves growing seeds in Cork, Ireland as part of our commitment to seed and food sovereignty.

Our Transport

We use the local postal systems. It takes a bit longer to get our seeds but we do not mind as it allows us to reduce significantly our carbon footprint.