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Bitter Gourd

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Indian bitter gourds are an great source of iron, fibre, Vitamins A & C and potassium. Bitter gourds also contains quinine that gives it the bitter taste. While those who love it may like the bitterness and crunchiness of fresh bitter gourds, others may want to tone it down a bit. They can be boiled or soaked in salt water for around 25 min to remove some of the bitter flavor.

Scientific Name: Momordica charantia Mizo

Plant Life Cycle:

Optimal Germination Temperature: 15 to 20℃

Germination time in days: 8-10 says

Indicative Days to maturity: 55-60 days

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil requirement: Rich loamy, well-draining and light soils

Sowing and cultivation: Sow seeds just over 1cm deep. Seeds can be soaked over night to accelerate germination. Distance between seeds/plants 30-40 cm. Keep soil moist until gemination starts. Depending on climate water enough to maintain moisture levels. Warmer climates will need more watering! While can grow along the ground it would be best to mulch if doing so or setup a trellis at planting time that is around 2m tall. Prune side shoots to improve fruiting.