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Calamintha nepeta Marvelette Blue

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Calamintha nepeta, commonly known as Lesser catmint and is commonly used in Italy where it is called Mentuccia, Nepetella or poleggio. The Calamintha Nepeta is a compact perennial with grey-green leaves and delicate lilac flowers in the summer. As a type of catmint, leaves are aromatic and flowers are highly appealing to bees and other pollinators, It is a perfect option for smaller gardens or planters. It is a great asset in the kitchen too as it combines the smell of mint and oregano and can be used as a spice. In the South of Italy, it is often used in pasta dishes or sautéed with mushrooms. It is also added to goat cheese to get a minty cheese called cassiedu. Additionally, it is said to have medicinal properties and is sometimes consumed as a herbal tea. Always consult a qualified herbalist or health professional before using this plant medicinally.

Scientific Name: Calamintha nepeta

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil requirement: Fertile, rich in organic matter

Sowing and cultivation: Sow outdoors from May to September, directly in the garden. Divide in October to November or April to may of the following year. Prune back in Autumn.