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De Chioggia Beetroot organic

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This heirloom beetroot variety is an early variety with a round and deep red root. The flesh of this beet is white with pink and white alternating concentric circles and a fine, sweet and mild taste. Can be eaten raw or cooked. Beets belong to the Chenopodiaceae family. They require rich, deeply loosened and well-smoked soil. Beets are sensitive to nitrogen and boron deficiencies. Transplant and water copiously in summer. Thinning necessary to obtain a distance between plants of 10 to 15 cm. The later ones can be stored in sand (in cool, dry and ventilated places: silo or cellar). To do this, cut the foliage flush with the collar. Then shorten the tapered part of the root. It is a root vegetable that is sensitive to frost. Beets should be eaten raw (grated) to retain all of their nutritional properties.

Scientific Name: Beta vulgaris

Plant Life Cycle: Biennal

Optimal Germination Temperature: 20C

Germination time in days: 8-15 days

Indicative Days to maturity: 120-160 days

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil requirement: rich. light and fertile

Sowing and cultivation: Direct sowing or sowing in plugs at the rate of 3 to 4 seeds per pot. Sow from April under shelter for summer production and sow from July for winter conservation. Thin to a distance of 15-35 cm.