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Fireball Pepper

€3,25 EUR

An innocent cherry sized pepper that will light your taste buds!

Scotch Bonnet pepper (family Solanaceae – botanical name: Capsicum chinense), is part of the strongest pepper family. It is also called bonney pepper, beef bonnet, Scotty Bons or red Caribbean pepper. Between 100,000 and 325,000 scovills, it is mainly found in Guyana (where it is called fireball) and the Caribbean islands. A cousin of the Habanero pepper, reaching about the same size and similar colors, it is distinguished by its more marked ribs. It is frequently used to make spicy sauces thanks to its savory fruity taste.

Scientific Name: Capsicum annum

Plant Life Cycle: annual

Optimal Germination Temperature: 24C-28C

Germination time in days: 7-14 day

Indicative Days to maturity: 60-90 days

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil requirement: rich in organic matter, well drained, fertile

Sowing and cultivation: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Sow seed in a propagator from March in warmth. Keep small plants in a sunny, frost-free environment until they can be planted in the greenhouse from late April or outdoors in late May. Transplant with 90 cm between plants