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Gennevilliers Leek organic

€2,70 EUR

Gennevilliers Leek is a traditional variety of the Paris region in France  that produces large and long white stalks with a narrow bright green foliage. The Gennevilliers leek is suitable for autumn and winter growing as it resists well to cold temperatures. Great taste quality fabulous in soups and stews. 


Scientific Name: Allium Porrum

Plant Life Cycle: Biennal

Germination time in days: 20 days

Sowing and cultivation: Sow From March to May. Once the leek has reached the size of a pencil, transplant outdoors. When transplanting, cut the roots 2 or 3 cm below the bulb and burrow completely the white part of the leek. Trim by a few cm the green part of the leek in order to encourage the leek to fatten up. Harvest from January to March or October to December