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Ishikura Bunching Onion

€3,00 EUR

Ishikura bunching onion is a  vigorous and hardy winter variety of evergreen onions. This bunching onion produces white stalks of 15-17" long with very long green leaves of about 12", hollow with excellent, mild flavor. It is a frost tolerant variety that will do well in most areas. This onion is terrific in fried or grilled dishes or simply in a salad.

Scientific Name: Allium Fistulosum

Plant Life Cycle: annual

Optimal Germination Temperature: 10-24C

Germination time in days: 7-14 days

Indicative Days to maturity: 60 days

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil requirement: Well drained and rich

Sowing and cultivation: Sow seeds in a sunny location in late spring after danger of all frost is passed. Longer white stems can be achieved by mounding earth up over the stems to blanch them.