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Red Marconi Sweet Pepper organic heirloom

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Red Marconi Sweet pepper is an Italian heirloom variety known for its earliness and hardiness. The Red Marconi pepper variety produces dark green fruits that are elongated with 3 or 4 lobes and turn red when ripe. Each plant yields up to 15 fruits. This sweet pepper has soft and fresh pulpy flesh and is best eaten raw in salads or cooked in the famous ratatouille or grilled. 


Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum

Plant Life Cycle: Placeholder

Optimal Germination Temperature: 25 to 35C

Germination time in days: Placeholder

Indicative Days to maturity: Placeholder

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil requirement: Well drained and rich

Sowing and cultivation: Sow in February/March in pots of fine seedling soil at only 2-3 mm, in a heated greenhouse (25°C). Water with a sprayer to keep the seedling soil moist but not soggy.
You can sprinkle crushed charcoal to prevent the development of fungus. Place the pots in full light or under a horticultural lamp to prevent your seedlings from spinning upwards. Keep them warm.
Repot into larger pots when the seedlings have 2 to 4 true leaves.

Transplant the plants in the garden in light and airy soil in May when frosts are no longer to be feared, in a warm and sunny position 50 cm in all directions. Watering and mulching.
Be careful, although an addition of compost is welcome, an excess of nitrogen could lead to strong development of the foliage to the detriment of the fruits.
Peppers need high temperatures for their development. If you do not live in an area with hot summers, we strongly recommend growing in a greenhouse.