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Physalis Alkekengi organic

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Beautiful Japanese Lantern

Physalis Alkekengi is also called Japanese lantern, winter cherry or strawberry ground cherry.  The Physalis alkekengi is a bushy annual plant whose stems reach from 0.70 m to 1 meter with many small fruits the size of a cherry, yellow orange, juicy and slightly tart flavor. These berries are surrounded by a green husk which will open up to a light beige fruits when ripe. Fruits should not be eaten immature as they are toxic (solanine).  Picture for illustration only.

Scientific Name: Physalis alkekengi

Plant Life Cycle: annual

Optimal Germination Temperature: 24C-28C

Germination time in days: 7 -10 days

Indicative Days to maturity: 75 Days

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil requirement: well drained and rich.

Sowing and cultivation: Start seeds indoors six to eight weeks before your last frost. Place your seeds on top of the soil and then cover lightly with a thin layer of soil, about 6 mm deep. Pat soil gently. Water after planting seeds. Keep soil moist. Please note that ground cherries have a low germination rate so it is advised to sow more than you need. They also do not like overwatering. When the plants are established, thin them and give them about 2 square feet to spread. If you choose to direct sow, plant seeds after your last frost. Space the plants 90 cm apart in rows 90 to 120 cm feet apart