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Romaine Lettuce Bionda Degli Ortoliani organic

€2,45 EUR

The Romaine Lettuce Bionda degli Ortoliani is an Italian traditional romaine lettuce with a dense head and light green crunchy leaves with a white rib. It is best suited for spring and autumn planting and will provide well needed nutrients and leafy greens in the winter.

Scientific Name: Lactuca sativa

Plant Life Cycle: Annual

Optimal Germination Temperature: 18C

Germination time in days: 7-14 days

Indicative Days to maturity: 65 days

Sunlight: Full sun or partial shade

Soil requirement: Well drained and fertile

Sowing and cultivation: Direct seed in the spring and autumn. Plant 2-3 seeds per foot in rows with a spacing of 12-16'.  Water well until seeds germinate,  and thin to keep the best seedlings.