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Syrian Oregano Za'atar organic

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The Syrian Oregano plant is a highly aromatic herbaceous perennial that is also traditionally know as za'atar in the Middle East and is the key ingredient of the za'atar mix. It is considered to be one of the tastiest oregano herbs,  It typically grows into an upright round mass. The leaves form a dense foliage of velvety grey-green leaves with small white flowers. The Syrian oregano can be an evergreen in mild climate but it does not do well in cold area where frost is common. It may loose its foliage or die completely if grown outdoors. It is recommended to plant it in a pot and take it in in the winter in cold areas. The Syrian oregano can be used fresh, dry in soups, salads, stews, roasts, or simply as a dip with olive oil. The flowers are also edible and can be used as seasoning. 

Scientific Name: Origanum syriacum

Plant Life Cycle: Usually perennial

Optimal Germination Temperature:  15C

Germination time in days: N/A

Indicative Days to maturity: N/A

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil requirement:  well drained or sandy soil

Sowing and cultivation: Sow indoor from March, April and plant out in June at a distance of 25x40 cm. Alternatively sow directly in the garden after the last hard freeze.