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Wormwood organic

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A woody and aromatic perennial with many benefits

Aromatic, attractive and beneficial, Artemisia absinthium or wormwood is a woody-based perennial that is grown for its fragrant and attractive silver-gray foliage and its medicinal properties. . It typically forms a clump of erect, non-woody, hairy, gray-green stems to 2-3' tall. Artemisia absinthium is very aromatic and has a spicy bitter taste. It is used in both ayurveda and herbal medicines and to flavor the drink absinthe, and in seasonings for food and drink. Always consult a qualified herbal practitioner before using this plant medicinally or a qualified aromatherapist if using its essential oil, especially if pregnant.


Scientific Name: artemisia absinthium

Plant Life Cycle: Annual/biennial

Optimal Germination Temperature: 15 °C

Germination time in days: 2-4 Weeks

Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Soil requirement: Chalk, Sand, Loam / Well-drained

Sowing and cultivation: Sow seed directly in the ground just before the last spring frost date and very lightly cover. Thin seedlings as required, Plant 45 to 100 cm apart. Please keep in mind that Wormwood can become invasive so do not plant it where you cannot control it.