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We ship to Ireland and Northern Ireland and some EU countries. Minimum order policy of 10€ excl. shipping

Sow Diverse Irish Grown Seeds

The Sow Diverse Irish grown seeds collection is a selection of seeds grown chemical-free, GMO-free  in Ireland. As part of our commitment to seed and food sovereignty, Sow Diverse and other seed growers grow seeds respecting organic farming principles in Ireland and save tomato seeds, dwarf tomato seeds, perennial seeds, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, edible flower seeds, bean seeds, broad bean seeds, soybean seeds, chickpea seeds, corn seeds, radish seeds, mustard seeds, cucumber seeds, chilli seeds, pepper seeds and so on. The aim is to, where possible :

1- grow sustainably,

2- increase the diversity of seeds offered locally,

3- decrease Ireland's reliance on seeds and food coming from outside the country and,

4- increase Ireland's control of our food supply and become self sufficient.

These seeds are not intended for commercial growing.. Every year we change our selection. These seeds are grown applying permaculture principles and biodynamic principles. We are still building up and populating this section and will be adding more as we go. Our new seed collection will be entered by end of September 2023.